Besides the sprawling premises, Everwin has all the ingredients of being called the best school.Well designed furniture for children to place themselves in a comfortable position is our hallmark. The electrical appliances in every classroom can withstand both heat and cold conditions.


A very well equipped lab, enabling students perform their experiments individually. Safety aspects are given prime importance for both students and staff within the lab. The Labs also has UPS facility.The lab is equipped with an alarm which would detect the leakage of LPG.


The school has well equipped Senior and Junior computer lab with internet facility. The senior lab also has a Projector for the Audio Visual Demonstrations which leads to the effective delivery of the curriculum. Both the labs also has UPS facility. The students are highly benefited by the sophisticated technology.


The books ranging from fiction, facts, education to philosophy, subject development to self development.A separate library period has been brought in to the regular schedule to provide complete benefit of this material resource to the children, to the teachers and to the non-teaching staff.


The school offers transport facilities to the students of K.G., Primary and Middle School. Our vehicles ply in different routes & covering many pickup points.

To avail bus facility, contact the school front office.


The School has installed a water plant in order to provide purified clean drinking water for its students and reduce the burden of carrying water with them for the day.